Walking and water = Good. Lemonade Pie = Bad.

Well, this was a week. I jumped right into the thick of things when I returned to work on Tuesdays, not ONLY did I walk on my two breaks, my walking buddies at work and I shot for three ten-minute walks, to make sure we got in our 30 minutes of exercise one way or the other. Tuesday through Friday, I got in over 8000 steps daily.

By Friday I was paying the price and pretty much collapsed when I got home. My back was tweaking hard core. I couldn’t even cough or take a deep breath without seizing pain. God forbid if I had to sneeze.

But after a day of rest yesterday, I’m feeling sore but in much better shape, enough to do all the errands that pile up for the weekend, like housekeeping, laundry and grocery shopping. I’m going to save the park for next weekend, so I can work on conditioning myself a little more.

No sense throwing my back out going full-throttle, when I’m making progress I can see and feel.

I ate more than normal this week, because that’s how it works with exercise. I’m just hungrier. So I focused instead on making my walking goal. As expected, my weight loss wasn’t as drastic as last week. I only dropped a couple of ounces, even though I stuck pretty much according to plan.

Where I fell off the wagon hard was the call of Lemonade Pie, which is my weakness. I was only going to make one pie for Memorial Day, but I ended up making two at my future daughter-in-law’s request.

It was a bad idea. Those pies lasted till Thursday, which meant I was eating more of it than I should have just because it was there. It was only 227 calories per slice, but it was pure sugar, which my body processes like cocaine. One hit is never enough.

Suffice it to say, Sugar is and will always be my nemesis.

But I’ll still chalk this week up as a win, considering it was a lesson learned (ONLY MAKE ONE G’DAMN PIE) and I was able to meet my physical goals all week – which was huge given the current state of my back.

It’s a non-scale victory I will happily take. And I got my first, “Are you losing weight?” comment, so … SOMETHING is paying off.

I also curbed soda for the most part and drank at least 4 16-oz containers of water daily, thanks in part to the exercise. This is a huge win.

This week I’m going to focus on meal-planning, sticking to rice, veggies and fish for my lunches. I’m also going to make sure I have fruit on hand all week to handle the sugar cravings. I may plan out my week ahead of time for lunches, just so I know what I’m eating and I won’t have to worry about juggling the calorie content.

This seems the most effective process. But in order for it to work, I have to work it.

This is my challenge to myself this week. I’d really like to break 290, and exercise alone isn’t going to do it.

Wish me luck! And pray for my back. It totally needs it.

Weigh-in: 293.4


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