Dietland and my complicated relationship with Bangability.

This week’s Dietland showed Plum Kettle on the painful, humiliating, expensive and drastic journey to becoming “bangable,” as defined by her drastic weight-loss detractors as her driving motivator for thinness. Because isn’t it always? In case you were unaware, it is a woman’s first priority in this culture to attract the menz, and as such, […]

Paper cuts and tomato juice.

Way back a million years ago, I used to work at Burger King. Started when I was eighteen, thanks to my bestie who was already working there. Ultimately I became somewhat of a “wiz” on “Boards,” (sandwich prep,) putting my skills to work through many a meal rush because I was one of the fastest […]


It’s taken me a few months, but I think I’ve identified the biggest problem with the current ring in my emotional tree. We’ve talked about this before, thanks to a nugget of knowledge Hal Sparks dropped, regarding the emotional aspect of weight loss/personal transformation. A lot of people don’t get this. They think weight loss […]

A Tale of Two Gingers: a health update.

This past Tuesday I had a follow-up with my oncologist. They had reviewed the pathology slides I had given them on my last appointment several weeks before and had determined that the original diagnosis of a uterine sarcoma was correct. Unable to find any evidence of it during surgery, they needed to confirm exactly what […]