Dietland: Yep. We’re gonna talk about THAT scene.

A few days ago, my bestie decided he wanted to watch “Nanette,” the new comedy special from Netflix featuring comic Hannah Gadsby. I had already seen it, thanks to all the buzz it has been getting. I’ve been a standup junkie since I was a teenager, so I’m all about finding good comedy and was […]

Paper cuts and tomato juice.

Way back a million years ago, I used to work at Burger King. Started when I was eighteen, thanks to my bestie who was already working there. Ultimately I became somewhat of a “wiz” on “Boards,” (sandwich prep,) putting my skills to work through many a meal rush because I was one of the fastest […]

A Tale of Two Gingers: a health update.

This past Tuesday I had a follow-up with my oncologist. They had reviewed the pathology slides I had given them on my last appointment several weeks before and had determined that the original diagnosis of a uterine sarcoma was correct. Unable to find any evidence of it during surgery, they needed to confirm exactly what […]

260 little reasons.

So I weighed in yesterday because it was March 1st and, for the first time in forever, I finally got a full night’s sleep. I wanted to see what that meant on the scale, and I was excited to see that I had broken through not only one but two milestones. I am now under […]

Feeling unsafe? #MeToo

It’s been a harrowing couple of weeks for women. Well, in truth it’s been a harrowing year for women – particularly those of us who have experienced the trauma of sexual assault/harassment. Triggers have been tripped. Wounds have been opened. Salt has been poured. Everywhere we look now is a reminder of all the fragile […]