Dietland: Yep. We’re gonna talk about THAT scene.

A few days ago, my bestie decided he wanted to watch “Nanette,” the new comedy special from Netflix featuring comic Hannah Gadsby. I had already seen it, thanks to all the buzz it has been getting. I’ve been a standup junkie since I was a teenager, so I’m all about finding good comedy and was […]

Getting Down and Dirty: A confession.

Here’s what I love about my job: I get to fantasize for a living. It’s pretty rad. Anything I want to explore, I can. I just need to park myself in front of a blank document and direct that blinking cursor wherever it is I want to go. My mind is the ultimate TARDIS, taking […]

Reevaluating life through a Queer Eye

Back in the day, I used to watch Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, and I enjoyed it a lot. Not sure why it took so long for me to jump on the bandwagon for the reboot, but I just got around to watching it last week, binging all 16 episodes over the course of […]

Dietland and my complicated relationship with Bangability.

This week’s Dietland showed Plum Kettle on the painful, humiliating, expensive and drastic journey to becoming “bangable,” as defined by her drastic weight-loss detractors as her driving motivator for thinness. Because isn’t it always? In case you were unaware, it is a woman’s first priority in this culture to attract the menz, and as such, […]

Paper cuts and tomato juice.

Way back a million years ago, I used to work at Burger King. Started when I was eighteen, thanks to my bestie who was already working there. Ultimately I became somewhat of a “wiz” on “Boards,” (sandwich prep,) putting my skills to work through many a meal rush because I was one of the fastest […]